Elchemy is dedicated to enabling chemistry between technology and humans by addressing the gap between tech-driven capabilities and law-informed expectations. This gap is the source of risk facing organizations, governments, and individuals. Elchemy manages this sociotechnical gap via data-informed innovation strategy, thought leadership, and R&D that is steeped in cross-disciplinary synthesis of issues and solutions at the seams of technology, law, ethics, and policy. 

Simply put: Elchemy thrives where non-commodity solutions are needed.

Responsible Tech & Data Trust

Elchemy is a responsible innovation asset for organizations focused on advancing risk management for emerging or unsolved technology risks. 

We are highly skilled in analyzing emerging industry risk & technology trends and translating implications for new capabilities.

Focus areas include: cyber risk quantification, data security and privacy risk management, data & algorithm governance, technology policy,  cyber insurance, cybersecurance (cybersecurity-integrated cyberinsurance), ethics design and impact impact assessment for IT & AI and autonomous systems, privacy technology, and risk-sensitive integrated information sharing systems.



Translational Problem-Solving

Expertise in incubating and translating requirements and solutions across business functions: product, data science, engineering, legal, economics, policy, (pre)sales, and clients/customers.

Elchemy  integrates data, computational, and social sciences to solve problems that traverse conventional swim lanes. 



Ethical and Legal Solutions
for Technology Risks

Elchemy provides solutions to an array of complicated issues at the interface of data, technology, and policy.

This includes forward-thinking thought leadership with substantial experience in leading and collaborating with cross-functional teams to guide privacy- legal- and ethically-sensitive technology solutions

Elchemy is proficient in systemic analysis and cross disciplinary problem-solving, including distilling common principles and synthesizing patterns across complex technology, law, policy, and ethical risk issues.


Examples of Mission-Driven Outcomes:

Develop risk assessment tool for  a novel Open Knowledge Network for Precision Medicine that fuses bioinformatic data for physicians, researchers, and citizen-scientists

Co-lead creator of the Ethical, Legal, & Social implications section of the
U.S.National AI R&D Strategy


Elchemy is driven by the prospect of changing an industry/problem space, for the better, and aligning with organizations that have the will to effectuate change.  Elchemy excels in multi/cross functional situations that demand non-commodity strategy and solutions. Elchemy is a proven leader in applied Tech Risk Innovation & Strategy and Socio-Technical Translation, impelled by Integrity & Trust and Mission-driven Impact.


Erin Kenneally 

CEO & Founder




     Erin Kenneally is a scientist and licensed attorney by training, and trusted technology risk innovation leader by trade.

     She is a Tech Risk & Trusted Innovation thought leader, problem-solver, applied researcher, and product aligner. Erin is the Founder and CEO of Elchemy, Inc. She served as Portfolio Manager in the Cyber Security Division for the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security, Science & Technology Directorate where she directed three program divisions: Cybersecurity Data Infrastructure, Cyber Risk Economics, and Technology Ethics & Data Privacy.

     Kenneally was previously the Global Director for Cyber Insurance at SentinelOne, and Director of Cyber Risk Strategy at Guidewire-Cyence Risk Analytics. She also served as Technology-Law Specialist at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) and the Center for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) and Center for Evidence-based Security Research (CESR) at the UC San Diego.

     Kenneally is proficient in systemic analysis and cross disciplinary problem-solving, including distilling common principles and synthesizing patterns across complex technology, law, policy, and ethical risk issues. She is drawn to emerging & ambiguous industry risk & technology trends and translating implications into new capabilities. She holds Juris Doctorate and Masters of Forensic Sciences degrees and is a graduate of Syracuse University, the George Washington University, and Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.


It takes a knack for seeing challenges before they even manifest, yet not letting risk aversion inhibit the benefits that innovation can bring. That’s what we do. Elchemy operates from first principles, puts a premium on integrity, and thrives on working with organizations that have the courage to question convention when it impedes needed innovation. Please send up a flare and drop us a line:

CONTACT: Info [at] Elchemy.io